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Maths Cubs

After school clubs and workshops where students learn Maths and problem solving by playing games.

The clubs are inspired by the latest research in Maths learning from Universities like Stanford and Cambridge as well as by the best Japanese pedagogues.


1-2h after school activity ran by two facilitators (Alice & Novella) where students:

  • Have fun playing playing games with their peers 

  • Practice mathematical thinking through games and creative tasks

  • Explore the Big Ideas in Maths

  • Problem solve independently and collaboratively with others

  • Develop a Growth Mindset and build confidence in their Maths abilities

  • Explore and discover the fun & beauty in Mathematics!



Summer Term workshops are free of charge for both schools and parents. The cost for Clubs will depend on scope and duration and will be limited to covering organisational expenses.


One time workshop or 
recurring club sessions held during the Summer Term. Please get in touch at least 2 weeks in advance to book!


Location to be discussed with the school. Our sessions are usually held on school premises.

For who?

Our games and activities are designed for small groups of students in Key Stage 2.

Exploring the big ideas in Maths

Number sense


Number sense is the first step towards a good understanding of Maths.
We encourage kids to build a good relationship with numbers by understanding what they are, playing with their properties, and exploring the relationship between them. Good number sense includes the ability to 
compose and decompose numbers, conduct operations, and estimate and sense check quantities. 

Pattern seeking


Maths is all about finding patterns.
Patterns define several phenomena
in the world around us and can be found in nature. We lead kids to observe and understand patterns in the form of contextualised and visual Maths puzzles, encouraging them to use mathematical thinking to generalise and predict growth, decay and overall transformation.

Multidimensional Thinking

Multidimensional thinking is about looking at Maths from different angles: connecting numbers, visuals and expressions. We want kids to experience Maths puzzles in various ways, unlocking their ability to look at problems from various perspectives, to think outside the box, and connect information.


Photo Gallery

Mathematics is about asking questions before finding answers

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Get in touch
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We are Novella and Alice, lifelong friends and now cofounders. Our passion is
helping the young ones discover the beauty and fun in Mathematics, and
develop self-confidence in doing any kind of Maths. We are currently
building a video game to learn Maths and problem solving, working closely with mathematicians, pedagogues and game designers.

While we build our game, we’ve decided to bring creative and game based Maths to students locally, here in London, as an after school activity!

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