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At UMA we're building enriching entertainment experiences for Gen Alpha.

We are working on a Multiplayer Sandbox game in which players develop mathematical and creative problem solving skills.  

No curriculum, no multiple choice questions, no carrot and stick approach. 

In our game, kids learn the skills of the future by playing and creating with their friends;

in their own time, on their own terms!

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We are a London-based startup with a small global team of creatives, game developers, mathematicians and pedagogues, brought together by our common belief in the power of games for learning.

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Maria Novella Mazzei
Cofounder & Chief Creative Officer

Alice Ursini
Cofounder & CEO

Kids are at the centre of our design and development process.

We work with families and schools on the making of the game through focus groups and playtesting sessions.

We are actively looking for kids aged 6 to 12 who want to become playtesters and help us shape the future of our game.

If you are a parent or an educator, get in touch here!

Thank you!


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